The Equipment I Have


First Aid Kit ~ Always have a first aid kit on-hand as you never know what you might encounter,  For a serious injury or illness dial 9-1-1

Notebook/Pen ~ You may think that you will remember everything that happens on your investigation but, trust me, you won't. 

Write down date, time, who was present, observations you made, things that happened, witness statements, diagrams, anything you feel you want to remember.

Flashlight ~ Ghost hunting is generally done at night in places that does not have electricity.  Make sure you have extra batteries on hand.

Camera ~ There are many different cameras you can purchase on various ghost hunting websites.  However, a basic point & shoot camera or your cell phone will

work just fine in the beginning.  Then work your way up to one of the ones with all the bells & whistles.

Digital Recorder ~ Used to record EVP sessions, witness statements, things You want to remember.  Digital recorders are pretty inexpensive but you can use your

cell phone

Dowsing Rods ~ Used to communicate with spirits using their energy to move the rods

EDI ~ The EDI is a kind of "all in one" tool.   It tracks EMF (Electromagnetic Field Levels), Ambient Temperature, Senses Vibrations, Notes Changes In Air Pressure

and Humidity.

K2 ~ Th e K2 is used to detect EMF (Electromagnetic Field Levels).  EMFs are thought to be affected by potential energy produced by ghosts/spirits.

Laser Grid Light ~  Used to detect shadows or visual disturbances during an investigation by pointing toward a wall. 

Motion Detector Balls ~ These are placed on a solid surface.  Any movement or vibration will cause the balls to flash red and blue.

Spirit Box ~ A Spirit Box uses radio frequency sweeps to create white noise.  Theories suggest that white noise gives some entities the energy they need to be heard.

Digital Infrared Thermometer ~ Measures surface temperature.  It is believed that spirits drain some of the energy out of their surroundings causing a drop in

temperature.  Pulling the energy helps the spirits manifest.

Ovilus Ghost Box ~  This little beauty helps investigators communicate with the spirits.  I am linking website where I bought this as it's got too many features to list


Sleep Mask AND Noise Cancelling Headphones ~  These are used in conjunction with the Spirit Box when investigating using the "Estes Method".

Trigger Objects ~  Trigger objects are things that the spirits might be familiar with.   Being that the Sutro site was a male dominated place, we use drinking and

playing cards to try to draw the spirits to us.